It’s a well-worn notion in the media that young drivers are seen as a bad risk by insurance companies and their cover is priced to reflect the fact that the insurer expects to have to pay out on the policy. And yes, the road traffic accident statistics are pretty damning when it comes to the number of young drivers, aged 17 to 24, who are involved in accidents.

However, here at insurethebox, we believe that not all young drivers are reckless and they should not all be tarred with the same brush or, worse still, priced off the road. Instead, we believe that if the safety message is shouted loudly enough, and that young people are encouraged to drive well, then young driver car insurance shouldn’t have to be sky high.


How is insurethebox young driver car insurance different?

We use telematics technology, in the form of a small device fitted into the insured’s vehicle, to monitor several aspects of the driver’s road behaviour. Drivers who show that they are safe and responsible on the roads are rewarded during the life of their policy, and, at renewal, the price of their cover may well reflect their good driving record for the year.

insurethebox wants drivers to take road safety seriously and we have teamed up with safety education provider Learn2Live as we believe their message is one which every new driver should take on board.

We also provide heaps of information for young drivers on all sorts of issues relating to safe motoring – from taking a Pass Plus Course for more experience and learning after passing a driving test, to the effects drugs and alcohol on a driver’s ability to function behind the wheel.

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