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What does my driving data mean? How are my driving scores measured?

Your black box sends us data about your driving, which we’ve broken down into five key criteria to determine if you’re a safe driver: speed, smooth driving, time of day, taking breaks on long journeys and motorway miles.

Each month you get a green, amber, or red score for each element, which also make up your monthly Bonus Miles. Don’t worry, we don’t deduct Bonus Miles for single instances, like braking harshly to avoid an accident – we analyse your overall driving style and the frequency of unsafe behaviour.

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How do I renew my policy online?

If you’ve opted for automatic renewal, we’ll renew your policy using the payment details you’ve previously given, provided your card/instalment details allow this. If you’ve set up an instalment plan, any automatic renewal will be onto this instalment plan instead of charging your card.
We’ll only automatically renew your policy after issuing you with a renewal notice approximately 21 days before the end of your policy.

If you don’t want us to automatically renew your cover, or you’d like to opt out of automatic renewal, you must contact us more than 3 days before your renewal date to let us know.
Your renewal payment will be taken from your account 3 days before the renewal date, if you’re paying annually, and within 10 working days of the renewal date (unless you have previously changed the date of the direct debit), if you’re paying monthly. Should this payment fail or we have any difficulties in collecting your premium, we’ll contact you on the email address you have given us.
If you cancel your automatic renewal, you will need to contact us before your policy expires if you want to insure with us for another year

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